Things to Consider for Installation

  • Install the safe where you will utilize it the most. If the safe is inconvenient you are more likely to leave valuables unsecured.
  • Consider if your safe can be seen through open doors or exterior windows of the home or business, you don’t want others to know you have a safe.
  • Small rooms such as closets are more secure than large rooms. Pry bars are harder to maneuver in smaller places.
  • If going in to a closet make sure the safe will fit taking in the consideration of the handle and lock
  • Anchor the safe to the foundation!
  • Packaging and storage capabilities
  • Shipping and receiving yard
  • Load or unload onto your moving truck or trailer with our special dock height lift trailer

Why Anchor Your Safe:

A proper gun safe installation can’t happen with out the safe being bolted down to the foundation. We often tell our customers that a 500lb safe bolted down is more secure than a 1500lb safe not bolted down. Why? Most safe burglaries are accomplished by laying the safe on its back and prying open the door. If the safe is anchored down it is nearly impossible to pry open the door when it is standing vertically.